Регистрация на мероприятия конференции 2020 (версия на английском языке / English version)

Non-state private institution –
educational organisation of higher education
«Missionary Institute»
invites you to participate in the regional conference
«Theology in scholarly and educational space: challenges and solutions»
22 October 2020
with the support of Theological Scholarly and Educational Association (TSEA)

·    International meeting

The international meeting will be held on 9–10 December 2020 in Moscow, Russia at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI.

·    Regional meeting

The international meeting will be preceded by the regional meeting to be held on 22 October 2020 in accordance with the plan by Theological Scholarly and Educational Association (TSEA). It will be hosted and supported by leading higher educational organisations of Sverdlovsk region in Yekaterinburg, Russia (all are TSEA members):

— Missionary Institute,

— Ural State Mining University,

— Ural State Pedagogical University,

— Yekaterinburg Ecclesiastical Seminary.

·     Chief organiser

The chief organiser of the regional meeting is Non-state private institution – educational organisation of higher education «Missionary Institute».

·     Location

The conference will be held online via Zoom.

·      Schedule

The conference will include a plenary session and publishing of the conference papers.

The conference will not have sections.

The organising committee reserves the right to select the plenary speakers.

Main conference tracks in 2020:

Theology and society

Theology in educational space. Topical issues in theology. Contemporary challenges in theology. Role of theology in value and worldview formation and personality cultivation.

Theology and culture

The role of theology in preserving and developing traditional values of spiritual and material culture of peoples of Russia. Theology and historical memory. Theology and humanities: language, literature, art, architecture. Theology and the impact of religion on intercultural, interethnic and international dialogue. Visual theology. Theology and digital culture.

Theology and education

Theology and study of religious cultures in school and preschool. Theology and developing modern systems of spiritual and moral education, civic and patriotic education. Theology and developing the system of vocational education. Theology and moral and physical health care. Spiritual security. Methodological support for teaching theological subjects in higher school. Theology and digitalisation of the educational environment.

·     Programme

The conference programme will be sent to the registered participants by 15 October 2020 and will also be available on the official website of Missionary Institute at http://www.uralsky-missioner.ru.

·     Registration form

Participants get registered to the conference via the online form at http://help.portal.uralsky-missioner.ru/online-form-en-2020.

·    Guidelines

The Zoom conference instructions will be sent to all the participants by 22 October 2020.

·     Conference proceedings

The participants will have their papers published in the conference proceedings after the conference.

All the papers submitted for publication will be checked by the anti-plagiarism software. Originality of the text must not be below 80 per cent.

·     Fee

The fee for publishing and delivering the collection of the conference proceedings is €6.00 ($7.00).

The fee can only be paid after the paper is accepted for publication.

·     Tech support


·     Telephone number

+7 343 269 30 36

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